Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Crisis Management with Microsoft Teams

I was curious to see if #chatgpt and other #chatbots would replace consultants anytime soon. So, I fired up the new Bing and typed "How can I best use MS Teams for Crisis Management."

Here is the result:


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According to the current web page context, Microsoft Teams can help you improve collaboration around crisis management. Resolving a crisis is a collaborative process and it requires involvement of different stakeholders in order to cover the whole scope of the crisis. Therefore, many organizations have adopted Teams to improve their collaboration and communication – two indispensable elements of crisis management.

Here are some ways you can use Microsoft Teams for Crisis Management:

  • Build a Crisis Management team, write a description explaining the purpose of the team, and add your employees.
  • Create relevant channels for specific groups of the team, such as Training Materials, Communication, Safety Procedures.
  • You can restrict access to certain channels only to specific group members through membership and ownership settings.
  • You can add crisis management apps and important files as tabs in your team. This way you can make sure your team will have easy access to important information while staying in the Teams environment.
  • In Microsoft Teams you can build a Crisis management guideline that everyone in your organization will have access to and will be able to follow in case of emergency. Plan out crisis scenarios and create a list of standardized procedures to include in your guideline.
  • Instruct your employees to turn on notifications for the channels where you share urgent information.
  • In the settings of the right channel, choose Channel notifications and select All activity. This way, all your team will receive a notification of any new posts created in that channel as if they were tagged.
  • Additionally, they will get notifications for all replies to conversations.
  • In order to pay your team’s attention to the most important crisis news, use Announcement feature for your post. It allows you to write a headline to your message and use a background image or add color, highlighting the important information.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Nice! I wonder if anyone will remember that BNP Inc. has been working in MS Teams with FI clients for years!