Thursday, April 30, 2020

Rolling Out MS Teams?

Rolling Out MS Teams?

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So, your financial institution is rolling out Microsoft Teams to help remote workers adjust to the “new normal”.

Good thinking!

And here is a great project to get them started: BCP Update 2020.

BCP Projects have all the characteristics that can benefit from the communications and task management features of MS Teams.

We can help. We have a framework for setting up a BCP team on your MS Teams platform. We add department managers and key executives as team members and our experts as guests. Each department is a channel where all communication takes place, including online BIA meetings, chat sessions and email.

We can add a tab with a link to your chosen ERM system. Each channel has space for file sharing and can incorporate project management tools such as

Give us a call and seize the new normal!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Pandemic/Coronavirus Exercises for Banks and Credit Unions

  • Two same-day sessions via Zoom Web Meeting
  • Flat Fee for unlimited attendees
  • Online vulnerability assessments for work environments and business functions
  • Deliverables include survey results, PowerPoint slide deck, video of exercise

Simulations and exercises are an important part of crisis planning, especially appropriate for dealing with pandemic events. But this program is not just about hand-washing and social distancing
This exercise takes department staff on a deep-dive into work processes and production cycles, exploring how fear-driven behavior changes can impact transaction volumes across all delivery channels.

Most importantly, attendees are asked to consider how behavior changes create opportunities to influence how customers choose and use financial services.