Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BCP Partnerships – Continuous Support Service

Our BCP Partnership service is designed to provide ongoing support for all aspects of a community bank’s Business Continuity Program. BCP Partnerships allow community banks to free staff for other projects while leaving routine BCP maintenance to us. We will perform a variety of BCP maintenance activities depending on the specific needs of the bank. We will serve as BCP Administrator with respect to your BCP Data Warehouse solution, or we will manage the data using our proprietary data storage system (implemented in either MS Access or MS SharePoint).

Fees for the BCP Partnership service are based a low monthly fee and hourly rates depending on the service performed. In this way, the bank only pays for actual work performed and costs are automatically scaled to the size and complexity of the bank.

It will be our responsibility to:

Track key dates such as pending regulatory examinations and audits, and schedule maintenance activity so that plans are in the best possible shape at the right time
Manage a shared project plan to track tasks, assignments and due dates
Send reminders to BCP Coordinators and follow up as needed
Work with bank staff to fulfill information requests from auditors and examiners
Prepare management responses to audit and regulatory findings
Receive BCP Data Warehouse changes and updates from designated bank employees
BCP Data Warehouse administration – Set up and manage users, permissions, etc.
Periodically evaluate the data in your plan to determine what elements need to be updated
Produce reports and distribute to the appropriate people for review and update
Generate department, branch and team documentation
On request or as needed, we will conduct research into specific emergency situations, prepare custom Emergency Response Task lists, and conduct exercises and training sessions for bank staff