Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is your BCP Software Managing YOU?

Most bank BCP Coordinators have very little time for routine data entry, let alone twiddling endlessly with the settings required to coax reports from their system.

If you're stuck in the middle -- too small to have a full-time BCP staff but big enough to have lots of BCP duties -- why not share the work with us!

We can share administrative duties on your system: We can help you set it up and, do routine data entry, enforce a proper maintenance schedule, produce documentation and keep it updated -- far beyond what software vendor Help Desk is willing to do.

We can remind you when tests are scheduled and help you assemble documentation when the tests are over.

And unlike your software vendor's Help Desk, we can help you prepare for audits and respond to examination findings!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Admit it, you're still using "Call Trees" for emergency notifications!

Call trees are fine when you have less than 100 employees. A little clunky and not very fast -- but still, the inevitable awkwardness imposed by the call tree approach can be smoothed over pretty quickly.

But in world of Internet communications, we can do better!

We recommend a tiered approach that uses text messaging to push notifications from the decision-makers (Tier 1) to the notifiers (Tier 2). We also suggest that your notification lists be in a platform independent format.

Meaning, your notification system is not locked into a single platform, system or technology.   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

53 Point BCP Tune-up - Model based, Remote Delivery

We can kickoff a 53 point BCP tune-up project in no time. We'll set up secure workspace on the Internet, assemble a virtual team of consultants and bankers, assign responsibilities and due dates, and we'll be done before you know it!

At least, before the examiners get to your bank this Spring!