Friday, February 17, 2012

Web-based, Collaborative BCP Consulting

We've taken our entire BCP methodology on line! No more invoices for travel expenses. No paying consultants to sit in airports. All of our BCP consulting services -- department interviews, training sessions, plan maintenance reviews -- even tabletop testing exercises -- can be conducted via the Internet.

We use an on-line collaboration system to create temporary, secure work space for each project. Anyone involved on the bank side can participate and track progress as the project unfolds.

All tasks, project milestones and deliverables are laid out in a user-friendly interface. There is space for secure file storage and a message board for BCP related communications. When the project is complete, all files and messages are archived and the workspace is taken down.

All meetings with department contacts can be conducted via the Internet using familiar screen-sharing technology. We can involve business unit staff in a meaningful way without pulling them away from their workstation, and without the hassle of setting up conference rooms, juggling technical resources, and granting network access to outsiders.

The result is a high-impact, low intrusion consulting experience. Much more efficient that the traditional delivery method, and at a lower cost.