Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pandemic Simulation Exercises for Financial Institutions

We've developed a lightweight Pandemic Simulation Exercise that we can deliver via webinar. The only thing the bank has to provide in advance is is a simple two-column Excel spreadsheet - column A is the list of employees and Column B is their department.

The BCP Coordinator at the bank assembles a cross-section of managers in a conference room. They connect to the webinar with a laptop and a projector, and we run the simulation.

1) 40% of the bank's employees are selected at random. These are the hypothetical flu victims at the peak of a pandemic.
2) We cross-reference the Departments to determine how each line-of-business  is impacted -- which departments suddenly become understaffed and which set of business activities suddenly becomes impaired.
3) For the Departments that are most affected, we build a list of business activities (functions) that are in jeopardy.
4) The group attempts to solve the problem of how to utilize remaining staff and how to address incoming work.

The exercise runs about 40 minutes, then we spend 10-15 minutes summarizing how a "real" pandemic might be different from the simulation, and noting any changes that should be made to the Pandemic plan.

At the end of the exercise we create a summary report for the examiners and we're done. The whole process takes about an hour.

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